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Alefe -The halflings of Cloak & Coin

Another day. Another excerpt. Alefe +2 Constitution or +2 Dexterity Savage Recovery (Racial Power): Once per day, when you take a quick rest after combat, you can heal  using one free recovery by feasting on the bodies of your fallen enemies.  For this recovery, add 1 additional recovery die to your roll. Champion Feat: When […]

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Using Icons in Cloak & Coin

The following extract from Cloak & Coin provides additional guidelines and mechanics for using Icon relationship rolls in a 13th Age campaign.   Encounter Advantages A player may spend an icon relationship die once per encounter. When the player spends the die, she can choose from one of the following advantages. As a reminder, if […]

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Icons of Cloak & Coin

Icons represent the notable organizations and influential personalities of Cloak & Coin. Through their agents, these Icons wield power – both malignant and benign – across the world. For the players, they can be friend or foe. As described in the 13th Age core rulebook, Icons are the movers and shakers whose machinations often intersect […]

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