Alefe -The halflings of Cloak & Coin

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+2 Constitution or +2 Dexterity

Savage Recovery (Racial Power): Once per day, when you take a quick rest after combat, you can heal  using one free recovery by feasting on the bodies of your fallen enemies.  For this recovery, add 1 additional recovery die to your roll.

Champion Feat: When you use Savage Recovery, reroll any recovery dice that roll a 1.

Calling themselves the Alefe, the Halflings of Aer’ath are survivors. Even before the Severing, they had limited contact with outsiders. Deeply spiritual and connected to the land, the Severing had a devastating impact on them – many died in agony and madness; those who survived were scarred spiritually and psychically. Their benign shyness turned into a much darker paranoia of outsiders. The Severing darkened the spirit of the Alefe, making them a suspicious and isolated people. To this day, they remain a traumatized people hiding in scattered villages within the labyrinthine forests and jungles of the world. They do not countenance outsiders and it is a rare and lucky soul to venture into their realms and come out alive.

Many Alefe found sanctuary in the depths of the Bryl Jungle. It is believed that these Alefe have become so savage that even the slave traders of the Lysnatho avoid venturing too deep into their realm. Tales speak of cannibal warriors who brook no trespass in their lands.

Tall and thin in stature, Alefe stand an average of 3 1/2’ and from a distance they can pass for young adolescent humans. They tend to have pale skin tones. The halflings of Aer’ath tend to have a lifespan of 40 years.

Male Names: Puthyrith, Narith, Samay, Soriya
Female Names: Arylyse, Hasira, Isalile, Qenula

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