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Cloak & Coin Campaign Setting

This site has been rather quiet. That doesn’t mean Red Turban Press is dead or work hasn’t been done behind the scenes.  For the last 18 months, I have been working on completing a fantasy campaign setting for the 13th Age Role Playing Game System from Pelgrane Press. Cloak & Coin. Cloak & Coin is […]

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The Santár Peninsula

As a taste of the setting for Cloak & Coin RPG setting – compatible with the 13th Age Role Playing Game, we present this regional map wonderfully rendered by Maxime Plasse. You can see more of Maxime’s fantasy cartography at his website:

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Cloak & Coin Icons

One of the iconic (pun intended) elements of the 13th Age roleplaying game are icons.  Icons reflect the  movers and shakers of a setting. They are the non-player characters and organizations that directly- and indirectly – interact with the player characters.  Icons can be ally or enemy. As work progresses on Cloak & Coin, hopefully, […]

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