Iron & Honor

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Iron & Honor is a table top miniature skirmish game for fighting small battles with fantasy figures – six to nine miniatures on each side. The game is easy to learn and relatively quick to play, though there is enough depth that it will take time and experience to master.

The game was designed around two core premises:

First, it was important that Iron & Honor allowed players to use any miniatures in their collection. The game is not specific to any particular manufacturer or to any particular setting or time period. Plate armored knights can battle against musket wielding pirates. Witches can throw spells at nimble ninja. It is up to the players to decide the narrative behind the conflict and what models to use to enact that narrative.

Second, and along the same lines, it was important that the models on the table be the focus of the game. In the end, miniature gaming should be about miniatures. Iron and Honor is about telling a story and fighting a battle with well-painted figures on an aesthetically appealing table top. The game is played at the skirmish level, so players field recognizable individuals rather than masses of infantry. And, the character creation rules are designed to be quick to use but still allow each character to be unique.

Of course, players are encouraged to create a narrative for the conflict; to use their imagination to create a setting and choose models that have a coherent theme within that setting. Creating a story and reason for the models on the table can be part of the fun. Alternatively, there is nothing to stop two friends from using the background and miniatures from an already published setting.

Gamer’s Abstract

Iron and Honor is played with six to nine 28/32mm figures on a 3’ by 3’ playing surface. The game uses a randomized activation mechanism to determine which player gets to act and how effective a player is when he acts. In other words, both players are continually active throughout the game.

Commonly available six sided dice are used in the game to manage the activation mechanism as well as for resolving the outcome of the player’s actions. First, each player will need six to twelve 6-sided dice for deciding when, and how effectively, a particular model acts. Second, four 6-sided dice will be needed for resolving actions.

As there is no particular line of models for Iron & Honor, players may use any miniatures in their collection, but must create the various game attributes and statistics for each model. In other words, each character in the force is created by the player.

The Iron & Honor Core Rules can be purchased in the shop!

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