New Trait: Infiltration (Rare/7)

Infiltration is a new trait that gives a character greater freedom of deployment.  It can be used to reflect magical emergence – summoning – or something more mundane, like burrowing.

Infiltration (Rare/7)

A character with the Infiltration trait is adept at maneuvering around a battlefield and finding just the right time and place to attack. An infiltrator emerges when the enemy least expects it! Infiltrator can be used to depict a character that is summoned on to the battlefield, a creature that borrows out of the earth, or a master spy with the skills to remain hidden until the time is right.

A model with Infiltration is not deployed on the table at the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game, the model and its activation die are set aside.

Rather, the character has a chance of entering the field of battle during a maintenance phase.  At the end of every maintenance phase, the player rolls 1d6. The character is deployed depending on the result of the dice roll.  During the first maintenance phase, the characters arrives on a roll of a 6; during the second maintenance phase, the character arrives on a roll of 4 or higher.  During the third maintenance phase, the character arrives on a roll of a 2 or higher.  The model automatically arrives during the fourth maintenance phase.

When a model with Infiltration arrives,  its activation die is added to the dice bag.   The model is then placed anywhere on the table while remaining at least 9” away from any enemy model.

Once deployed on the table, the model is activated as normal.

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