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Iron & Honor Core Rules

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Have some fantasy miniatures lying on your shelf?  Want them on the gaming table?

Iron & Honor is a miniature wargaming rule set for playing fantasy skirmishes with any miniatures in your collection.  In Iron & Honor you create the attributes, skills, and special abilities for your characters, and the tactical approach of your skirmish party.

Once you have a little practice under your belt, character creation is a simple process. And, the game is meant to be easy to learn and quick to play with enough depth to keep you coming back.  The game uses a randomized activation mechanism to determine which player’s character gets to act and how effective a character is when she acts. In other words, both players are continually active throughout the game, so you’re always engaged in the game.

Iron & Honor is a 2 player game (though multi-player games are possible) designed to be played with 6 to 9 28/32mm figures per player on a 3’ by 3’ playing surface.


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