In Iron & Honor, the weapons and equipment carried by a model  is reflected in the skills purchased for the character during character creation.  In other words, rather than purchasing a sword or a bow, a character would purchase a broader skill set. For example, 1 handed edged weapon for a sword or 2-handed ranged weapon for a bow.  This keeps the list of available weapon options manageable but also flexible enough to represent the wide variety of weapons that can be modeled on a miniature.

Of course, this also allows a player to represent a model that may use natural weapons.  For example, a beast that uses claws may be considered to be equipped with a 1 handed edged weapon!

Here is an excerpt from the rule book on how melee weapons are depicted by the mechanics:

A character’s skill in melee weapons is specified by two qualities – weapon type and weapon size. These two characteristics are an abstraction that differentiate different fighting techniques and styles; and, this allows some differentiation in weapon qualities without getting bogged down in details. The weapons that are listed on the skirmish gear table are merely examples. Whether the character is equipped with a claymore or a broadsword, using it requires the 2-handed edged skill!

Weapon Type
A weapon is either edged or blunt. An edged weapon includes anything that can pierce or slash. A blunt weapon is anything that bludgeons. For example, both a rapier and an axe are edged weapons, while a rock and a mace are blunt weapons.

Weapon Size
In terms of size, a weapon is either 1-handed or 2-handed. This should be self-explanatory, but any weapon that can be used in one hand is 1-handed, while a weapon that requires two hands to be used is 2-handed.

One-handed weapons are considered “standard” and confer no special benefits. In contrast, a character skilled with two-handed weapons receives certain benefits:

Two-handed edged weapons automatically cause a brutal attack (See Combat) when using the Furious Attack action.

Two-handed blunt weapons automatically cause Stunned (see Special Rules) when using the Furious Attack action. The model is Stunned regardless of whether a wound is suffered or not.

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