Black Song Mercenaries

Bodyguards, soldiers and even martial artists. The Black Song mercenaries can provide all forms of muscle required in a fight. They accept nearly any job, from fighting on the frontlines to union busting. They are a subsidiary of House Valente, who expect their scions to ably lead a Black Song band for at least 3 years before being allowed positions of note within their House. Though they are otherwise an independent Faction and they will send their people to any cause with enough challenge and gold as long as it does not directly undermine House Valente.

On the surface, the Black Song mercenaries seem to care for little else but to use their capacity for violence to earn gold. And while that is a service they’ll gladly provide, there is also a strong ideology that runs deep within its members. They believe that creatures of flesh and blood should strive to obtain physical power instead of chasing unnatural forms of strength. Something that can only be achieved with a life of diligent training and constant challenge. Indeed, the Black Song mercenaries provide some of the best martial training on Aer’ath to those who’ve proven to be worthy of it.