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Iconic Personalities – Celadine

Every setting has its iconic personalities. This is the first in a series of posts that introduces some of the iconic personalities in Cloak & Coin. Whether they make an appearance in your campaign is up to you. Even if you choose to introduce them, always keep in mind that they should not overshadow the

Virinder Rothe

The elusive Virinder Rothe is a Nandhi sorcerer is a collector of stories of ages past. He is a repository of arcane lore. It is this knowledge that has made him a target of the Tapestry of Truth and the Guild of Weavers. Though most of his works are banned in the Theocracy of Iesadhe,

Croi Malic

Once destined to lead a great Chartered House, Croi Malic left all that behind when he took on the mantle of a thief lord. 
 He is a charismatic man who quickly engenders fanatic loyalty from those who meet him. His enemies believe the Pale Hand is as much a cult as it is a
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