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In broad strokes, the Cloak & Coin campaign setting brings to life a place where adventurers can find dungeons to explore and dragons to slay; however, it is this broad familiarity that lays the foundation for the subtler details that make Cloak & Coin unique. 

Generations have passed since the Severing, a mage-wrought catastrophe that reshaped the face of Aer’ath, where the arcane and divine threads that connected it to the planes and the gods were broken. Though most people maintain faith, the gods have long been unreachable. There are those who would attempt to undo the Severing, to reweave the threads to the elder gods. Others stand against them fearing the consequences of such hubris.

Some seek to find ways of understanding and taming nature without the use of magic or divine interference. The world is on the cusp of scientific enlightenment as universities and independent scholars work toward understanding the arcane, the divine, and their place in the world. 

Except in some urban centers of the Santár Peninsula, magic is a distrusted and feared force. Though only a handful remember the Severing, it is indelibly marked on the soul of every man, woman, and child. It is the history that created the modern age. At best, arcane spell casters are viewed with caution; in some societies, they are actively hunted. This is in stark contrast to the faith-inspired clerics and witches that provide for their people.

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