Month: May 2021

Dragons in the world of Cloak and Coin

Though there are a number of creatures that have draconic blood, Greater Dragons are rare. Dragons are large, reptilian beasts. The most powerful of the intelligent races, they are the apex of a predatory chain. An ancient race, they have seen the rise and fall of innumerable empires. For most people, dragons had become a

Inspiration and Peril

The follow rules expand on rewarding and using Inspiration and introduces Peril as a parallel rule for game masters. In Cloak & Coin, Inspiration is momentum and opportunity. It reflects players taking the story and driving it forward rather than dithering. Peril is tension and the potential for things to go wrong. Peril reflects the

Virinder Rothe

The elusive Virinder Rothe is a Nandhi sorcerer is a collector of stories of ages past. He is a repository of arcane lore. It is this knowledge that has made him a target of the Tapestry of Truth and the Guild of Weavers. Though most of his works are banned in the Theocracy of Iesadhe,
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