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Rusat Gairmuro – The Library of Akhet

Situated in Akhet, the Rusat Gairmuro – literally meaning the great book temple in Lysantho – is the largest repository of written text in the known world. The library is under the authority of the Temple of Galothel but the day to day running of the library is done by the temple’s slaves. Though the

The Mechanism of Ruya

Now available in the store, an adventure for 4 players that takes your characters from level 1 to 5. The Mechanism of Ruya introduces players to the world of Cloak & Coin and the ever shifting politics and merchant house machinations of the Six Cities Confederacy.

Languages of Aer’ath – Nandhi Phrase Guide

Immerse yourself in the world of Cloak & Coin with the language of desert-dwelling Nandhi people. The written form of Nandhi is known as Zelkaja, an alphabet written from left to right, top to bottom. As an example, “The Cloak & Coin Campaign Setting” would be translated to Ne Raham Jari Zurf Mar Jeshwe and

Languages of Aer’ath – Iesani Phrase Guide

What better way to immerse yourself in the world of Cloak & Coin than with some phrases to pepper your in-game dialogue. The people of the Theocracy of Iesadhe speak Iesani. The written form of Iesani is known as Cavedhet, an alphabet where each symbol represents a sound and is written from left to right,

The Mechanism of Ruya

COMING JANUARY 2022! Welcome to the world of Cloak & Coin! This adventure, The Mechanism of Ruya, will introduce your players to the lands of the Six Cities Confederacy, the ever-shifting politics of the city of Faeil Dair, and the shadowy life of a cloak – an adventurer working for the factions and Chartered Houses

Dragons in the world of Cloak and Coin

Though there are a number of creatures that have draconic blood, Greater Dragons are rare. Dragons are large, reptilian beasts. The most powerful of the intelligent races, they are the apex of a predatory chain. An ancient race, they have seen the rise and fall of innumerable empires. For most people, dragons had become a
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