Dragons in the world of Cloak and Coin

Dragons in the world of Cloak and Coin

Though there are a number of creatures that have draconic blood, Greater Dragons are rare. Dragons are large, reptilian beasts. The most powerful of the intelligent races, they are the apex of a predatory chain. An ancient race, they have seen the rise and fall of innumerable empires. For most people, dragons had become a part of legend and myth. The Severing, however, changed all that. For centuries, the dragons lay in deep slumber waiting for a new epoch. While sleeping, the dragons had been sustained by the threads that connected them to the other planes. When those threads were cut, they began to awaken.

Greater dragons share many traits. They tend to be large and powerful with scales of iridescent metals – bright copper, pale silver, shining gold, and dark iron. Though mankind may categorize dragons by the color of their scales, this has little meaning beyond physical appearance and basic ecology. For example, iron dragons tend to be the largest of their kind, while silver dragons are the smallest. Copper dragons, their scales sometimes taking on lighter golden hues, tend to be closer in size to iron dragons.

Dragons get their sustenance from the magical essence and spirit that is found in all living things and in magical artifacts. Generally, this means that these powerful predators can live not only on flesh but also on ancient relics and treasures. Dragons vary in tastes and moral behavior. Though they consider other intelligent races as lesser beings, there are some dragons that choose to sustain themselves solely on relics and treasures. There are others who believe that only an emotionally agitated sentient creature provides sufficient nourishment. Better one suffering elf every month or so than a score of content ones.
It should be of no surprise that creatures as powerful as dragons tend to be arrogant and haughty. They recognize their superiority and place in the world.

Aside from this broad pattern, every dragon has a unique personality. A fearsome looking dark hued iron dragon can be compassionate and generous to those with whom it shares a domain, while a regal copper dragon can be malicious and cruel.

All dragons have the capacity to take on a humanoid form. In this form, dragons look like tall, lithe humans. Skin tones tend to correspond to their draconic form. Though difficult, it is possible for the observant person to realize when she is in the presence of a dragon by looking for subtle signs. The eyes of a dragon tend to be flecked with metal while patches of skin here and there may still bear fine draconic scales.

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