Order of the Wyrmwood

First of the orders founded by the temple of Dhom, the Order of the Wyrmwood has always been a powerful force for good on the northern continent. Many zealous followers with a capacity for battle consider being inducted in the order as the highest of honors. The Order of Wyrmwood consists mostly of Paladins and have historically been the first line of defense. Unfortunately, the order has taken heavy losses in recent campaigns and their hold on their territories has started to wane somewhat. Faithful and disciplined, its members remain undaunted. While they can come across as rigid and self-righteous to some, few dare claim their work hasn’t been beneficial to not only the theocracy but to Arkiyan civilization.

Hand of Amas

Few know of the Hand of Amas, and fewer still know about how they operate and their broader objectives. While they are a Faction within the temple of Amas, they serve as an intelligence gathering arm, watching for foreign and domestic enemies of the Lysantho empire. They maintain a large network of spies even far beyond the empire’s borders. And, they recruit others through layers of intermediaries so someone may not even realize they are working for this shadowy organization.

To those within its actual ranks, theirs is a holy task. They watch and spy with cold efficiency, the very act of which is their way of honoring their god. Every briefing is a sermon, every classified document a prayer book, honoring Amas by uncovering hidden truths for the benefit of the Lysantho empire.

Geographic Society

The geographic society is based out of the University of Santarem, with a presence in the other five city-states and the larger towns of the peninsula. 

The primary goals of the Geographic Society are exploration and education. They use knowledge to illuminate and protect the wonders of Aer’ath. The Geographic Society began as a guild of cartographers and mapping the world continues to be the focus of most expeditions. Others work on understanding cultures by collecting their lore. Much of what is learned is shared in public lectures at the University. Excavation are handled with expert precision and all artifacts are cleaned, cataloged, and neatly stored.

Of course, charting the unknown invariably leads to the discovery of hidden troves of treasure and lost relics. It is not uncommon for the Chartered Houses to fund expeditions

Tapestry of Truth

The Tapestry of Truth is the inquisitorial arm of the Dhomist religion. They are based out of a fortress in the Basilica of Light in the capital city of the empire. The Edict of True Belief limits the authority of the Tapestry to the borders of the theocracy, but in reality the reach of their agents tends to be greater. Wherever there is humanity, there is the Tapestry.

The singular purpose of the Tapestry is to prevent another catastrophe. They collect magical artifacts to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. And, they hunt down rogue spell casters.

Guild of Weavers

Push someone hard enough, and they’ll start pushing back. The Guild of Weavers was originally founded as a way for spellcasters to protect each other from the Tapestry of Truth’s persecution. However, over the years they have grown in power and become more bold as a result, with some even daring to openly defy the Tapestry. The Guild runs an underground network to save spellcasters from being persecuted, bringing them into their fold where they can nurture their powers. They do not care about background or race, but they look down on religion and faith, believing it holds people back from attaining their maximum potential. Despite their outward unity, some internal tensions have started popping up as fear of another severing runs deep even within some spellcasters. Some are worried about certain individuals falling too far down the slippery slope of power hunger.


There are many within the lands of Tuira who have come to swear allegiance to the dragon, Mehtabovyre. While her plan to inspire mortals towards noble and good aspirations has worked splendidly, some among the Dragonsworn have come to see her as a spiritual guide, even a god. This is a development she had not considered and has concerned her deeply.

Though originally little more than scattered individuals who took inspiration from her, over time they have become a sizeable force called the Dragonsworn. Though there is some disagreement among her followers on how to place themselves under such an ancient and powerful being, they are united under her and her ideals nonetheless.

Covenant of Orod

The Covenant of Orod can be a frustrating Faction for outsiders to understand. Even among its own ranks there are contradictory views on how to interpret the teachings of Orod. Cults tend to differ on philosphy, world view, and methods. The only broad agreement is a need to restore balance between the physical world and the Far Dark. Because of these broad views, many fall under the Covenant of Orod’s umbrella – druids, hermits, and dark cultists.

Black Song Mercenaries

Bodyguards, soldiers and even martial artists. The Black Song mercenaries can provide all forms of muscle required in a fight. They accept nearly any job, from fighting on the frontlines to union busting. They are a subsidiary of House Valente, who expect their scions to ably lead a Black Song band for at least 3 years before being allowed positions of note within their House. Though they are otherwise an independent Faction and they will send their people to any cause with enough challenge and gold as long as it does not directly undermine House Valente.

On the surface, the Black Song mercenaries seem to care for little else but to use their capacity for violence to earn gold. And while that is a service they’ll gladly provide, there is also a strong ideology that runs deep within its members. They believe that creatures of flesh and blood should strive to obtain physical power instead of chasing unnatural forms of strength. Something that can only be achieved with a life of diligent training and constant challenge. Indeed, the Black Song mercenaries provide some of the best martial training on Aer’ath to those who’ve proven to be worthy of it.