Chayavasan Paste

A rare potion.

This black paste is thick and grainy with the various herbs ans spices mixed into it. It tends to have a sweet and sour taste that lingers on the tongue. A single spoonful can sustain a person for one day. 

A character removes 1 level of exhaustion.

A spoonful of Chayavasan costs 250gp.

Croi Malic

Once destined to lead a great Chartered House, Croi Malic left all that behind when he took on the mantle of a thief lord. 

He is a charismatic man who quickly engenders fanatic loyalty from those who meet him. His enemies believe the Pale Hand is as much a cult as it is a criminal organization.The thief lord’s charisma is equally matched by his paranoia. The merest signs of disloyalty are swiftly punished. 

Croi Malic is an ambitious man who has numerous wheels in motion at any given time. He plants seeds in the fertile ground of corruption in the peninsula, playing rivals against each other

Guild of Weavers

Push someone hard enough, and they’ll start pushing back. The Guild of Weavers was originally founded as a way for spellcasters to protect each other from the Tapestry of Truth’s persecution. However, over the years they have grown in power and become more bold as a result, with some even daring to openly defy the Tapestry. The Guild runs an underground network to save spellcasters from being persecuted, bringing them into their fold where they can nurture their powers. They do not care about background or race, but they look down on religion and faith, believing it holds people back from attaining their maximum potential. Despite their outward unity, some internal tensions have started popping up as fear of another severing runs deep even within some spellcasters. Some are worried about certain individuals falling too far down the slippery slope of power hunger.

Healing Potions

In Cloak & Coin, healing potions work a little differently than the typical 5e setting.

Ayurvas Healing Potions

Made from the Ashvayaganda root found in the tropical forests of Madogar and Tuira, these healing potions are a deep, purplish red in color. They are thick and the pieces of root within often add a very bitter aftertaste. These healing potions come in four grades that increase in efficacy.

Potion of Healing (common). A character who drinks a poition of healing regains 8 + 1d4 hit points. This grade of healing potion costs 50gp.

Potion of Greater Healing(uncommon). A character who drinks a potion of greater healing regains 16 + 2d4 hit points. This grade of healing potion costs 100gp.

Potion of Superior Healing (rare). A character who drinks a potion of superior healing regains 32 + 2d6 hit points. This grade of healing potion costs 500g.

Potion of Supreme Healing (very rare). A character who drinks a potion of supreme healing regains 48 + 2d8 hit points. This grade of healing potion costs 1250gp.