Iconic Personalities – Celadine

Iconic Personalities – Celadine

Every setting has its iconic personalities. This is the first in a series of posts that introduces some of the iconic personalities in Cloak & Coin. Whether they make an appearance in your campaign is up to you. Even if you choose to introduce them, always keep in mind that they should not overshadow the real heroes of the campaign – the players’ characters!

Who is Celadine?

Traveling in a massive wagon drawn by six Tharidic horses, Celadine wanders throughout eastern Arkiya. Both merchant and explorer, her wanderlust makes her meanderings unpredictable. She may be seen for months wandering the streets of Vente before disappearing into the wilds of the Riven highlands. Then, she is peddling wares to an isolated logging community in the Geire Plateau when not delving into nearby ruins.

In appearance, Celadine is a human woman in her late twenties or early thirties. Though, her true age is unknown – she has looked the same age for decades. It goes without saying that very few would find her unattractive. She is charming, friendly, and hospitable to those she meets on her travels. As long as her friendliness is reciprocated. She is not a fool and is willing to meet violence with violence, of which she is just as capable.

Even in her most gregarious moments, Celadine shares very little about herself or her past. She speaks a lot, but says little, avoiding any prying questions. Rumors abound about her.

She has been seen spending time in Nynthe, with the great archmage Caile Greyve. This has led some to believe she is a powerful sorceress – perhaps even a High Lord who survived the Severing. Some claim she is a greater dragon, traveling the world in human guise. The exotic items she sells from her hoard. Others tell even more outlandish stories, claiming that she is one of the lost gods of man, trapped on Aer’ath by the Severing. Ivane Pelov, Soul Warden of the Tapestry of Truth, has long hunted her and believes that regardless of the truth, she is a threat to the order of the world.

illus. by Agri Kurinwanian (https://www.artstation.com/agri)

Meeting Celadine

At some point in their adventures, the players’ characters may meet Celadine. By default, she is friendly and personable. Kindhearted, she has a trusting disposition and prefers to see the best in others, until they prove otherwise. She will happily sell them various mundane items (i.e., food, drink, medicinal kits, adventuring gear) and even alchemical potions and salves. If the players respond to her kindly and impress her as worthy, she may show them the more exotic wares that she keeps in her carriage. She will invariably have at least one or two magical weapons and pieces of armor, and even a handful of wondrous items. The specific items at any given time are left to your imagination and the needs of your campaign.

Celadine can also be a source of lore and information. There are few topics on which she cannot speak, though her answers may end up being enigmatic, especially if the characters pry into her past. Naturally, her lived experience has made her wise. She is a good judge of character and not one to be manipulated.

Aggressive methods of learning about her prove futile. Casting Detect Magic leads to an overwhelming flood of information from her wagon. Divination magic that would sense her emotions, read her thoughts, or detect her location simply does not work. And, if she realizes this was attempted, she will see if as a rude affront at best. Perhaps even as an attack.

A statblock is not provided for Celadine. Presume that other NPC’s (e.g., bandits, wild beasts) can easily be dealt with by Celadine. And, players should be highly discouraged from attacking her. Of course, the players may be foolish enough to avoid this discouragement. Celadine, like many of the iconic personalities of the world, can be a good tool to teach overly aggressive players a lesson on the consequences of choosing violence.

Tactics. Celadine prefers to avoid violence, leaving the situation once threats have been incapacitated. Though quite capable of spilling blood, this is always her last resort. She will attempt to convince those who would threaten her of the foolishness of their actions. Then, depending on the nature of the threat, she will cast Sleep using up to an 8th level spell slot. If this does not work or too many individuals remain awake, she will use Suggestion or Mass Suggestion to convince those that remain to walk away. And, she can use Dominate Person against the most dangerous individual that remains. If all else fails, she will cast Psychic Scream.

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