Languages of Aer’ath – Santári

Languages of Aer’ath – Santári

This is the first in a series of articles on the languages of Aer’ath – languages constructed by Frederico Schroeder. Details on the phonology and orthography of the language is available in the PDF linked below, but here you find an overview of the language – writing and phrases that can be used to bring the world to life.


The written form of Santári is called Coudeto, an alphabet in which each symbol represents one sound. It is written from left to right, top to bottom.

As an example, “The Cloak and Coin Campaign Setting” translates to Tiu bevadro hamei Tervo estu Jouco. Which would be written:


Hello, how are you?Neva, sodeone estues?
I am great, how about you?Estuou nevanei, estu ja?
Goodbye, see you soon!Elusei, jei delar lusou!
What is your name?So toude jaia cavi?
My name is…Jaia cavi toude…
Good Morning, let’s begin!Nevan delas, maldánvem!
Greetings, friends!Neva, oucaveles!
Good night, until the next one.Nevan tosto, esti tiu detero.
Good afternoon, can we start?Nevan tramanês, vaiêmi maldei?
Thank you!Cancetou!
You’re welcome!Bovolto!

You can download A Guide to Santári for an expanded vocabulary and learn the structure of the language to create your own words and phrases:

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