Languages of Aer’ath – Expanded Santári Phrase Guide

Languages of Aer’ath – Expanded Santári Phrase Guide

What better way to immerse yourself in the world of Cloak & Coin than with some phrases to pepper your in-game dialogue. The people of the Six Cities Confederacy speak Santári, a soft language that to outsiders sounds as if the speaker is always asking a question.

The following are common greetings and saying among the people of the peninsula:

My Name isJaia cavi toude… 
What is your name?So toude jaia cavi?
Hello, how are you?Neva, sodeone estues?
I am great. How are you?Estuou nevanei, estu ja?  
Greetings, friends!Neva, oucaveles!
Thank you!Cancetou
You’re welcome!Bovolto
I love youJei Mirresou        

The aphorisms and sayings of the people of the Six Cities Confederacy reflect their practical nature:

Vardoro brelas ferrovolto noi cavedete.A bad worker blames his tools.  
Botavu esvardeto nebecanve, bo lustevardeto estues es besmirei.Never take a gamble, you’re not prepared to lose  
Casvardor cas serentei casvardor cas brelei toude.A deal with a dragon is a deal with a devil.  
Jouco ti nevan lurto bocavelerias estece.Money brings a better class of enemies.  

Those who hold a deep faith will often, use Neussou tiu cima terve jei. (May the light shelter you) as a greeting. This is especially common in Castan and the western regions near Alecar and Surva Del.

Scholars of the universities and some alchemists have also adopted the prayer of Galothel as a ritualistic aphorism: Lusávi Mirres estu Cima toude (Knowledge is Love and Light).

You can download the constructed language guide for Santári to create your own phrases:

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