The Mechanism of Ruya (COMING JANUARY 2022!)

The Mechanism of Ruya (COMING JANUARY 2022!)

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Welcome to the world of Cloak & Coin! This adventure, The Mechanism of Ruya, will introduce your players to the lands of the Six
Cities Confederacy, the ever-shifting politics of the city of Faeil Dair, and the shadowy life of a cloak – an adventurer working for the
factions and Chartered Houses that rule the Confederacy. They are the outsiders, the forgotten, the ones living between the cracks,
but even the darkest cloak might end up working to save the city they call home.

The Mechanism of Ruya is a story of ancient arcana, friendships and betrayals, and the corrupting power of ambition.

The adventure will take characters from level 1 to level 5.

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