The dwarves of Cloak & Coin

The dwarves of Aer’ath suffered greatly during the cataclysm, losing the connection to their gods. Though once a unified people, the dwarves have broken into two groups, one on each of the two continents. High King Thoradnar of the Arkiya dwarves is the nominal king of all his people, but in reality his authority does […]

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The Avatar-Emperor – A 13th Age Icon

From the forthcoming Cloak & Coin campaign setting. Arsha Nar, Avatar-Emperor of Iesadhe “There are no gods. There is only Dhom.” The 17th Theon, Arsham Nar is the Avatar-Emperor of the Theocracy of Iesadhe. Granted a semblance of immortality by the Soulshard embedded in his palm, he lives with the memories of his predecessors. This […]

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Alefe -The halflings of Cloak & Coin

Another day. Another excerpt. Alefe +2 Constitution or +2 Dexterity Savage Recovery (Racial Power): Once per day, when you take a quick rest after combat, you can heal  using one free recovery by feasting on the bodies of your fallen enemies.  For this recovery, add 1 additional recovery die to your roll. Champion Feat: When […]

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Using Icons in Cloak & Coin

The following extract from Cloak & Coin provides additional guidelines and mechanics for using Icon relationship rolls in a 13th Age campaign.   Encounter Advantages A player may spend an icon relationship die once per encounter. When the player spends the die, she can choose from one of the following advantages. As a reminder, if […]

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Icons of Cloak & Coin

Icons represent the notable organizations and influential personalities of Cloak & Coin. Through their agents, these Icons wield power – both malignant and benign – across the world. For the players, they can be friend or foe. As described in the 13th Age core rulebook, Icons are the movers and shakers whose machinations often intersect […]

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