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Dragons in Cloak & Coin

Dragons  Though there are a number of creatures that have draconic blood, true dragons are rare. Dragons are large, reptilian beasts. The most powerful of the intelligent races, they are the apex of a predatory chain. An ancient race, they have seen the rise and fall of innumerable empires. For most people, dragons had become […]

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13th Age Mechanic: Lifestyle Costs

Excerpt from the Cloak & Coin Campaign Setting: In my own campaigns, neither the players nor I like to keep track of the mundane expenses of life. Rather, I use the idea of lifestyle costs. During character creation, the player chooses an appropriate lifestyle for the character based upon their background. Each lifestyle places the […]

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Cloak & Coin Campaign Setting

This site has been rather quiet. That doesn’t mean Red Turban Press is dead or work hasn’t been done behind the scenes.  For the last 18 months, I have been working on completing a fantasy campaign setting for the 13th Age Role Playing Game System from Pelgrane Press. Cloak & Coin. Cloak & Coin is […]

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New Mechanic: Blessings

Blessings A blessing is a gift from divine powers bestowed upon the skirmish party in anticipation of the upcoming encounter.  Blessing, however, are not without cost and must be purchased with Fate – before the encounter, divine powers have been appeased with ritual sacrifices or beseeched with prayer. After their forces have been deployed on […]

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New Trait: Infiltration (Rare/7)

Infiltration is a new trait that gives a character greater freedom of deployment.  It can be used to reflect magical emergence – summoning – or something more mundane, like burrowing. Infiltration (Rare/7) A character with the Infiltration trait is adept at maneuvering around a battlefield and finding just the right time and place to attack. […]

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